Looking to Buy a Pedal Go-Kart? Here is Exactly What to Look For!

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Looking to Buy a Pedal Go-Kart? Here is Exactly What to Look For!

Looking to Buy a Pedal Go-Kart? Here is Exactly What to Look For!

Everyone wants to know which Go-Kart is the best to buy, which is the best, the fastest or even the most durable. However, with the variety of products on the market it is not as simple as that. Today, we take a look at the best options on the market and what to look for. Enjoy!

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As a kid, having a go-kart could be one of the best presents they ever receive as it gives them such a wonderful sense of freedom. The feeling of being in control behind the wheel makes them feel so grown up!

It has also been made a lot easier over the years to find the perfect go-kart, as there is such a huge range out there. However, the huge range can also make it a lot harder to buy if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Speed is not everything, you don't just want the fastest you want the go-kart that allows you to go as fast as possible and have as much fun as possible. Safety is important and so is durability.

As well as that we have put some other points together that will help you buy the best go-kart for you.

Which Go-Kart should I buy?

This guide is here to give you a good guide on what to look for:

Colour - First, lest pick the colour you want. Do you want a bright colour or a dark colour, some styles are not available on all the models. Hence why we start with colour to narrow down the list.

Safety Certificates – Checking that a go-kart has all the necessary safety certificates and CE markings is essential when buying a go-kart. CE marking indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

Most importantly, they make sure that your child will be safe behind the wheel!

Warranty – You should always check to see how long the warranty lasts when buying a go-kart as it is a good indicator to see how reliable the go-kart can be. If it has a long warranty, this means that it should be a reliable product as the manufacturer has trust in its products and isn’t likely to breakdown on you!

Price – This is always another good indicator to how reliable to go-kart is. If the go-kart seems like it’s a bargain, the chances are, you may be needing to buy another one again soon… Cheap go-karts tend to be unreliable so spending that extra bit of money can make a big difference.

Buy from a Reputable Brand – Buying from a reputable brand is another good indicator of quality. They are also more likely to offer the best advice when choosing a go-kart, as their knowledge will be far superior to a brand that isn’t as well established.

They are also more likely to have spare parts available, so that if something does brake, you are able to get your go-kart up and running again.

Adjustable – Having an adjustable go-kart means that you can ‘grow with the go-kart’ and can get a lot more use out of it compared to one that isn’t. It also means that you probably won’t need to buy another one for a while as you can adjust it to match the size!

We pride ourselves on the quality of out go-karts and only deal with well-established brands. BERG is one of the leading manufacturers of go-karts and we are proud to represent them.

They have over 25 years experience in the industry and tick all the boxes from the list above. They are safe and have the CE markings to prove it, they are of course a reputable brand and have adjustable seats on their go-karts – even some models are able to fit adults so they can be fun for all the family to use!

You can never go wrong when buying a go-kart from BERG as they never fail to put a smile on a child’s face! If you are interested in purchasing a go-kart, please view our BERG collection here.