Climbing Frame Buying Guide

Wooden climbing frames offer not only sturdiness but also environmental friendliness, making them a fantastic choice. While assembly may take longer and the cost may be slightly higher compared to metal frames, wooden frames provide durability and higher weight allowance, making them suitable for older children.

Choosing a Climbing Frame for your garden is a big decision and takes planning and time. We help with this guide we walk you through the choices and preparation to make this process easy!

Finding the Perfect Location

Before ordering your climbing frame, measure the available area in your garden. Ensure the surface is flat, level, and preferably grassy or equipped with a pre-laid safety surface. Avoid hard surfaces like stone, concrete, or decking. Leave sufficient space between the climbing frame and any structure, tree, or wall. Check the footprint of your chosen frame and modules to ensure your garden has enough space. For safety, provide a free space or safety area of at least 1.5-2.m around the tower/modules, 2m in front of the slide, and 3.5m in front and behind the swing top pole.

Ensuring a Solid Foundation

A flat, level surface is crucial for safely installing your climbing frame. This prevents leaning or sinking over time. On larger models, you will need o concrete the anchors to secure the frame. Choose an area where this is possible before selecting the frame and modules.

Safety First

Climbing frames are a great addition to any family garden, but it’s important to supervise children while they play. If possible, position the climbing frame within view of your garden windows to keep an eye on your little ones, even when you’re not outdoors with them=

Safety, Space & Garden Preperation Tips

Solid Ground

When decided on the best area for your climbing frame, it is crucial to select a flat, level surface. You do not want to encounter sinking, leaning or unevenness as the climbing frame is used. Concrete anchors are also required on some frames and so ensuring that you will be able to carry this out is vital.

Check Distance from Obstructions

Make sure when selecting a location for your climbing frame ensure that you plan to keep clear of trees, walls and any obstructions, leaving 1.5m-3.5m gap depending on the frame and module you have chosen. Plan out the footprint of your frame to confirm there is enough space around for safety and play!

Playtime Safety

Ensuring the safety of your child while they’re on a climbing frame is crucial, particularly if they’re a bit unsure on their feet. It’s essential to take into account their clothing as well. Loose strings or bulky coat hoods can easily get entangled in play equipment, leading to potential injuries. 

Choosing the Perfect Style

We offer a variety of module frames and additional items to personalize your climbing frame. Consider the number and age of children that will be using the equipment, A climbing frame that will not only provide endless enjoyment for your children but also complement the aesthetic of your garden.

Delivery and Assembly

When preparing for your climbing frame, it’s important to arrange the delivery and keep in mind that it will be kerbside only. Your climbing frame will arrive in about 15-25 boxes or packages, and please note that the pieces will not be pre-drilled. Considering the large volume and weight of the climbing frame, it is highly recommended to plan your delivery and ensure you have appropriate assistance for bringing all the sections to your desired installation location simultaneously with the delivery. This careful planning will make the process smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Maintenance Tips

Our climbing frames are made from durable timber, specifically Scandinavian Redwood, which is pressure treated for protection against rot and infestation for 10 years. With proper maintenance, they can last a long time and enhance the natural feel of your garden.

Choose the right climbing frame and doing your planning and research beforehand will not only provide endless enjoyment for your children but also complement the aesthetic of your garden.