When will I receive my product?
Please see our Delivery & Returns Policy as different brands may vary with delivery times.

Where is the trampoline measured from?   
: Measured from the one side of the frame to another. The bounce mat size is dependant on the size of the frame and length of springs. On a Telstar Trampoline, if you take off 2ft in any given direction this will give you the approx bounce area.

BERG: Measured from the Jumpmat. i.e. BERG Champion 330 - the jumpmat would be 330cm. You will then need to add approx. 1ft each side of the trampoline to get the footprint.



Can the net's position on a Telstar Trampoline be changed?
Unfortunately, the net is in a fixed position as shown on the display images.

Can the zip on a Telstar Trampoline change position?
All nets are manufactured for the zip to be in the position shown on images of the product. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed.

What could be a possible cause of stains or discolouration on the padding?
UV radiation environmental factors: The protective edges have been developed to resist UV radiation from the sun, but over the years UV radiation will contribute to discolouration of the protective edge. In comparison: when you apply suncream you can lie in the sun for longer without getting sunburnt, but after a while you will still burn, even after using suncream.