Telstar ELITE 8ft x 12ft Rectangle Trampoline Package Including Cover, Ladder & FREE INSTALLATION


The Elite Trampoline Range is the latest addition to the prestigious Telstar range. After two years of development, they tell us it is the safest, most explosive bounce, and the most advanced trampoline in the range.

Experience the thrill of bouncing like never before with our ELITE Range.


Telstar ELITE 8ft x 12ft Rectangle Trampoline Package Including Cover, Ladder & FREE INSTALLATION

The Elite Range is our premium range and offers the new net style with ‘Rigi’ Net technology.

The ‘Rigi’ net creates a totally enclosed bouncing environment for the user. This technology gives allows the user to get the best out of the explosive bounce of the Elite trampoline, safe with the knowledge that should they fall against the net, the Rigi net will ensure that they are free from harm for bouncing fun!.

The ‘Rigi’s net system is the strongest, safest trampoline enclosure on the market today. The ‘Rigi’ net system has a net that is sewn directly onto the bounce mat, meaning there is absolutely no gap or space between the net and the springs, creating the totally enclosed area for jumping safely

In addition the Telstar Elite enclosure uses 25mm steel tubing and thick closed cell foam covering to create the strongest, sturdiest enclosure yet to hit the market.


Please ensure you view all the images to appreciate the safe, robust Rigi Net technology.

The Trampoline:

The Telstar ELITE Trampoline is the newest trampoline style to be adding to thee Telstar range.  They have been working on the ELITE range for  over two years and it gives the safest, most fantastic bounce and is the most advanced trampoline from the Telstar range. Your children will not nbe disappointed!

Spring trampolines still provide the best performance, every professional trampolinist uses them.  The new 8ft x 12ft ELITE Model has 8.5″ inch performance springs.

What’s Included:

  • 8ft x 12ft ELITE Rectangle Trampoline Package
  • Rigi Net Technology
  • Cover
  • Ladder
  • Delivery to MOST UK Post Codes
8ft x 12ft (2.45m x 3.7m) is the MAXIMUM FOOTPRINT you need on your lawn but please allow an extra foot so you can manoeuvre around the trampoline when building it. 


  • Size
12ft x 8ft
  • Springs
64 x 8.5 Inch
  • Steel
60mm x 2.5mm
  • Padding
25mm with Thick PVC Cover
  • Frame Height
  • Mat
Heavy Duty Polypropylene Permatron
  • Netting
Totally Enclosed ‘No Escape’ System
  • User Weight
150kg / 23 Stone
  • Warranty
FRAME – 10 Years
SPRINGS – 1 Year
MAT – 1 Year
NET – 1 Year
PAD – 1 Year

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