Every parent wants their children to have fun, stay safe, and develop important life skills. Ride-on toys offer a fantastic opportunity to achieve all of these goals and more. 

From pedal go-karts and battery-powered cars to balance bikes and electric scooters, the world of ride-ons is vast and varied. With so many options to choose from, it’s essential to understand the benefits of each type and how to pick the perfect one for your child’s needs.

Pedal Go Karts

Purchasing your pedal go-kart from us gives you the benefit of having a reliable product combined with a state of the art technological design, meaning that your go-kart will stand up to rigorous use and provide your family with hours of entertainment.

Additionally, our go-karts are suitable for all users regardless their age or skill level. Remember: there’s no time for boredom when you’ve got a go-kart! Our Go-Kart buying guide HERE will help you decide on the best ride on toy for your child. Make sure to take full advantage and get exploring the outdoors on your very own pedal go-kart today!

Electric Dirt Bikes

The perfect balance and motor bike for kids!  This motor bike is light weight, allowing the young rider to control it easily. With free wheel system included, this bike allows riders to begin their learning journey with a balance bike and slowly progresses to include throttle control. Read our ride on buying guide HERE. Despite being lightweight it is still capable of reaching 10 mph! Additionally, with rubber air filled hybrid tyres that are suitable for differing ground types. All in all, this exciting electric-powered bike should bring plenty of fun into children’s lives while helping them build confidence and riding skills safely!

Electric Scooters

Explore our exceptional range of electric scooters! At Backyard Leisure Guys we offer a diverse selection of stylish options, our electric scooters provide a perfect solution for enjoying your outdoor spaces. Explore our collection today, learn more HERE in our buying guide and discover the ideal electric scooter to complement your daily life and elevate your home and garden experience.